“Lawyers Attacking PIC like a mafia”

Dr Abdur Rehman Shahid

The Punjab Institute of Cardiology, also known as the Heart Hospital in the Commonwealth, became the victim of a terrorist attack a few days ago. The riot killed 3 patients, including the Muhammad Buta. The patients continued to suffer for lack of medical help, the relatives were shouting for treatment, the hospital administration was rendered helpless due to the uproar. The staff continued to live and worry for the patients. The attackers Also took off the oxygen mask of a female patient.
As an Overseas Pakistani, my heart was crying in tears after watching all this drama. The attack on the hospital does not make sense even the enemy during the war days will not perform such a heartless act. What was the hostility of lawyers with doctors here? I am also familiar with the Standards for the Doctor’s sacred profession globally, which is why I have been and still am condemning Young Doctor’s strikes in Pakistan in the past. We are a society where all hands have been cur by the doctors. When these lawyers leave the court at 2 p.m. While doctors are in the hospital. Doctors spend their Eid, Midnight and every National festival at the hospital caring for the patients,
Nations that do not honor doctors cannot establish a healthy society. In Germany, children are taught that doctors are our God after God.

For one thing, a child in Pakistan knows that to become a doctor, parents need to spend millions of rupees, work day and night. But to become a lawyer, even a simple BA is needed with less than fifty percent marks.
I am raising my voice at every level to make the dream of emergency reforms in Pakistan a reality. The world-class training of doctors can be imposed on hospitals, but their behavior affects the daily wrangling and fighting conflicts.
After the attack on the Punjab Institute of Cardiology, it does not appear that the state of Pakistan will be able to revive its writ because the bar is active enough to deteriorate the case and the scales of justice are also suppressed by the weight of the black coat.
If the Pakistani nation does not stand with doctors today, then there will be a shortage of doctors in Pakistan; Europe, America, UK and other countries are already looking for qualified doctors.
Today, Pakistani ministers, judges, politicians, policemen, the public and even lawyers will agree that if there is no doctor, the homeopathic, the Ritualist or the dentist will be doing treatment on the street. Which might result in many deaths.

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